When Life Hands You Lemons....

Back in October
I had to go to Bastrop overnight
for a Pain Society conference.

I wore my camera necklace.
And lost it.

I was sad.
I ran straight to Target in search of a replacement.
To no avail.

Then I ran
proverbially speaking
straight to Etsy to find one.
And although there was a vast assortment
I couldn't quite find one that I loved.

Then I had the bright idea to go to Michael's
and see if maybe
just maybe
I might be able to find the pieces to make
myself a necklace.

It took a few trips.
And some failed attempts
but I finally ended up with
the perfect

I love it.

I swoon.


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  1. I enjoy your blog... as with most media, in about any form... I mostly just look at the pictures. But keep it going! - Kurt