Sunday Sewing

I decided to make Elena a Christmas dress this year.
Because I can't ever find anything at the stores that I just love
or, if I do
I am not willing to spend the kind of money that
such designs demand.

I am thrilled with the final product.
I hope it fits her.
And I hope it fits her sister in a couple years.

As I was photographing the dress
I hung it on the blinds in my living room.
I was adjusting the settings on my camera to make up for
the backlit setup
and wound up with this photo in the process:
Beware the floating holiday dress.

I also made a dress for my niece.
As a Christmas gift.
It should fit her this summer
when it is warm enough
in Minnesota
for little girls to wear dresses
without tights.
I hope she loves it,

Happy Sunday!

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