I said, yesterday,
In commenting on a post that Luc wrote
that I believe the right to piss and moan
is reserved for those who use their voice
on election day.

"Don't vote, Don't complain!"

And I didn't vote yesterday. 

I am a terrible citizen.
I didn't get residency changed over to Texas in time to register here.
And I didn't request an absentee ballot from Minnesota.

I felt rotten all day.

as I watched the election returns last night,
and Googled the outcomes of the races in MN,
I realized that I should cut myself some slack.

If I had voted in Minnesota, I would have been doing so blindly.
Knowing almost nothing about the candidates.
Except that Michelle Bachman is crazy.
But everyone knows that.

I don't know much,
at all,
about Texas politics, either.
So I had a large disadvantage going into this mid-term election
in my new state.

I've reconciled my awful civic duty-ness
with the thought that
instead of voting poorly
and without full information about the candidates
I declined my right to choose our government this year.

Since I couldn't vote smart
I didn't vote.

I'm in no way advocating or condoning
waving your right to vote.
Every voice counts.
Each one needs to be heard.
Especially yours.

I'm just trying to make myself feel better.


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  1. and to further help you feel better, chances are if you voted against rick perry for governor, well he would still be governor.