People often ask,
"How do you do it all?  Do you ever sleep?"
Being the humorist that I am,
(ahem, yes! I AM funny. Promise.)
I usually come up with some quip 
about having more time in my day 
than everyone else.  

Or that it's really not that much.  
Or that I am, indeed, SuperWoman.  
Scratch that, make it Wonder Woman
she totally had the better outfit.

Scratch that, I am Gem!

(Remember Gem? Best. Ever. But, as usual, I digress)  

The truth is, I have zero me time. 

When most people are sitting 
quietly in the evening
on their couch
enjoying their favorite show or book, 
or taking a hot, steamy bubble bath 
in a big jacuzzi tub,
I am either blogging
or editing photos. 
Or all of the above.  

At once.
While juggling knives.
Lit on fire.

These are all a form of hobby for me.  
(minus the knife juggling.  I have zero hand-eye coordination.
Trust me on this one)

The super-fast thud-thud-thumpa-thud of the sewing machine calms my mind.
I knit while I watch the few shows I still DVR.
I blog at night 
while the ideas are fresh
and the light is low
thus maximizing the damage on my retinas
from the harsh glare of my laptop screen.

And sometimes,
I do feel like I am stretched too thin.
Like my "To Do" list is too long,
and my thighs rub together more than they should.

And sometimes, I want to quit.
My day job.
My night job.
My in-between job.

I want to set my camera down and not pick it up again.
I want to donate my yarn basket and hang up my needles for good.
And I want to disband my fabric stash.

But then it all comes together.  
The final stitch is knit.
The binding gets done on that last pesky quilt.
Finishing touches are put on photos I took ages ago.

I drink a bottle glass of Pinot.

And I start over.
I get more hat orders.
I book another photography job.
I agree to blog every day for a month. 

Through it all, I love what my life has become.
The people I have met because of the leaps 
I was daring enough to take.
My family.
Their incredible and unending patience for my freakshowishness.

I am so thankful for all of it.
My ability to photograph peoples lives
in a way that drives me to develop my art even more.
My ability to create a special hat for someone.
Knowing that it is truly one of a kind.
(None of my hats are alike. I will never duplicate them. More on this later)
I am thankful for you,
for coming here every day.
Reading my senseless drivel,
and actually enjoying it.

I write here
as much for you
as for me.

Confession: Some days I write here just for you.
Because if I write it, you will come....

*Tap tap*

*is this thing on?*

I am thankful that you don't write me angry emails
asking me to please
Please, Athena, stop telling jokes.

I am not perfect.
Not even close.
I'm just doing the best I can
until it is time for sleep.
Then I get up and do it again.

believe it or not
there are days
albeit few and far between
that I do


just so we're clear
given that last revelation,
I am more than willing
to have you continue to refer to me as



  1. how does Drl put up with the multi-tasking during TV time? Jeremy gets annoyed if I want to have a light on during a show- so that I may work on other things at the same time.

  2. I love Gem...i thought I was alone in that world. Yay we can be dorks together once again.

  3. heart you. and your writing. i was once a writer; i've lost it somewhere -- sometime, 7 years ago or so. hoping it returns in the months to come. xo.