A Wimberley Wedding : Melissa and Josef

I met Melissa a few months ago, just after I had moved to Austin.  She works for the same company that I do, but in a different division.  We hit it off instantly, and began working together on a weekly basis.  

She had mentioned the idea of getting engaged to her (then) boyfriend of two years, Josef, on an upcoming cruise.  I told her, jokingly, that if she was gettin' hitched, she best book me as her wedding photographer.

All joking aside, Josef planted a giant rock on a very important finger, and Melissa made sure I was free on November 13th.  

And that my shutter finger was ready.

Mel, you're radiant.  And your wedding day was a shining example of your exquisite beauty.

Cheers, Melissa and Josef.
Thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful day.  Your love for one another.  Your joy.  And your fierce fabulousness.

Love you both.
Mean it.

And I'm honored to call you friends.



  1. BRAVO Mrs. Pelton!

    Well done, beautiful pictures. The newlyweds will be more than happy with your work.

  2. Great Job! These are beautiful! I shot Keith's new baby Mila yesterday and got some good ones but need to find a decent editing program to upload them too...(for now they just sit in iPhoto-I know-eeek!) What do you use? I have PSE 6 but hate it.

  3. WONDERFUL job Ms. Athena!! Your pics are beautiful! And the happy couple, I am sure, will be just thrilled and so in love with their photos..... I love the shot of the ring... GIANT rock indeed!

    Maybe you can shoot Kaia's 9 month milestone shots?!??!!!!!

  4. first wedding?! nuh-uh. no way. you did AMAZING!! i'm so happy for you and proud of you -- these are SO GOOD. and it looks like you got a TON of variety with the portraits in a limited timeframe. you rock!

  5. Amazing job, Athena!! I love it!