Up A Wall

Seeing as how it's Wednesday
I have to blog every day
and Thanksgiving is tomorrow
I thought a nice precursor
to a holiday filled
with gratitude
would be a list of things
that drive me

*At the risk of sounding redundant, L.O.L.  Stop it.  Now.  Unless you're a tween. If you laughed, type "ha!"  If you didn't, don't use "lol" as a placeholder for something witty.  Instead, use my version of the same thing: {imagine something witty written here}.  Far less succinct, I know.  But much much much much extremely less annoying.

*Bigotry. Of any kind.  For any reason. Stop it. Now.

*Lazyness.  Okay, Okay. In in the interest of full disclosure allow me to state that I am extremely lazy.  So maybe I should clarify: Lazyness that affects other people.
Or is it effects?  
I can never keep them straight.
Either way: Listen up people!  Return your shopping carts.
Park your car instead of leaving it idling justforfiveminutesIpromiseI'llberightback.
The exercise will do you good.
Clean up after yourself.
Even when you're in public and it's someone else's "job."
Because it's the right thing to do.
And because your mother taught you better.

*Plastic bags.  And cashiers who put two items in one bag.
Really?  One roll of toilet paper is all that will fit in there?
Worried you're going to crush my AA batteries and bottle of soda?
Thanks, I'll stuff this in my giant purse.

(Special shout out to giant purses!  Holla!)

*People who attempt to merge without bothering to check their blind spot. Or look in their mirror.  At all. I'm thankful I have a horn.  Very. Very. Very thankful.  So thankful that tomorrow I shall be feasting in honor of that very horn.

And my cat-like reflexes.

And now, dear readers
because it's still Wednesday,
and I've just ranted for 1.74 minutes
(which actually took me about 20 minutes to type, re-type, un-type, and edit)
I leave you with this:
Because this will totally lighten your mood.
Make you smile.
And add 10 pounds to your midsection.

Oh wait,
that's just me.



  1. so stinkin cute?
    wait, is that the top i got for her?
    getting old, cant remember what i bought.....
    back to etsy stocking.


  2. LOL used to bother me TONS too. but now i love it because i feel like using it is ironic somehow. and although i usually write haha or hahahahah or bahahahahaha, sometimes LOL is just perfectly perfect. it sounds and feels right; more fitting than ha. sorry to drive you up the wall. does it help that i look like a tween? ;)