A Giveaway!

As most of you know
I spent the majority of last winter
knitting hats.
Special order hats.

I was asked, 
on more than one occasion,
if I could make a hat with a brim.
I said I probably could, I just never had.

The conversation never went beyond that.
As in,
no one officially ordered a brimmed hat.

This year,
I have only had a couple hat orders,
but I have had just as many inquiries about 
a hat
with a brim.

I said to myself.
I shall make one.
And I shall give it away!

Yarn: Mossy green merino wool (Itch factor-ZERO)
Size: Fits most women.

How to Enter:  Leave a comment on this blog post no later than midnight CST on Tuesday.  I will randomly select one comment and announce the winner on Wednesday.
(So be sure to leave your name with your comment!)

Good luck!


(P.S> If you win, and the hat doesn't fit, I will allow you to return it and I'll craft you one to fit your noggin!)


  1. Is said drawing out of a HAT?
    no pun intended...

    In the case this 'selection' is not just
    'by chance, out of a HAT' -

    I will post my comment with a likeness to a blog...
    the only blog that I crave -
    the family pelton

    This green hat I also crave
    but I am worried...
    as my head

    will this beautiful green hat fit my noggin'?

    I love hats
    and scarves
    I seem to collect them, but do not wear them often enough

    To where would I wear this green hat?
    maybe to a 30th birthday brunch
    where we could take a photo

    and send it to Athena
    to post
    on the blog that I crave
    from where I won

    a beautiful green hat

    cheers A!

    - Selah V

  2. I love and must, I repeat, must have one of these lovely hats with ZERO-itch factor... Whether I win one or not! Salut, mon amie! Angie

  3. The hat is super cute! Did you make up your own pattern?

  4. Ok,since we both know I don't wear stocking caps. But I look absolutely wonderful in brimmed hats and my ears get oh so cold in the tiniest bit of winter weather, I long for something to keep them warm. And, I can't find ear muffs which I hear are dorky. So, if mom's are eligible to win, I vote for Mom.

  5. "this" blog is something I tune into everyday. I check it once. And check it twice. All the while knowing that if you have blogged that day. Chances are you won't blog again for another couple days (unless it occurs in November of course). My reason for doing this. "this" blog provides humor, intellect, knowledge, love, simple, and fun to my day. So there. I entered. BUT don't pick this comment... you have given me too much already. I just want to be part of the fun!

    Awesome job. On "this" here blog. On your quilts. On your costume making. Onesies. AND of course your BEAUTIFUL hats!!

    I will order one though. And PAY you for it!


  6. Love it!! You are so talented!! I love seeing all the hats you make, including the teeny-tiny yarmulke you made for little Izzie 4 years ago...when you were first learning. I must say that for your first attempt at a hat with a brim, it seems that you nailed it. Awesome job and much love to you!


  7. All right, Athena, I'll bite. The hat is super cute! Too bad you're in TX now, I really want someone to teach me how to knit.


  8. ME.....ME.....ME!

    I love you,

  9. well. that is QUITE a hat. It was 32 degress at my parents house this weekend. I forgot my hat. If I am not randomly selected, surely I will order a hat. and probably a scarf too...but hopefully i'll just win the hat and only have to order the scarf.If the random selection is done by how many times the word "hat" is mentioned in the comment- then I am a shoe-in. er... hat-in.



  10. i know i already have a lemonmade hat but...not w/ a brim :-)

  11. The Reyes' would like to throw their "hat" into the ring. OMG where are all of these puns coming from? The hat is beautiful & so are you!

    The Little Reyes Sisters and Mother

  12. The Hat with a brim, I would love to win...
    It would fit my noggin, if I won by bloggn'...
    You wouldn't have to mail, 'cause that moves like a snail...
    Dayna could bring home, after Texas she did roam...
    Winter up North can be brutal, it's true...
    but I'd keep warm in my hat, that was made just by you!

  13. I don't typically go for knit hats with a brim, but this one is gorgeous!

  14. I seriously think you could sell that for... well, I don't know much about hat marketing. But, were I to make an uneducated guess, I'd say $150. No, actually, $300.

    Annnd now I'm gonna go place an order. Hope your rates didn't change...

    (the wanter of a...) -Cap

  15. pick me! pick me! :) i love it more than anyone! pick me! pick me! i'm jumping up and down... as it type... which takes talent!
    pick me! pick me!

    HOLLY. B. you know... the one that loves you the most-est.

  16. You've always impressed me. I don't know if I deserve a hat for saying that, but I had to write it anyway.

    Other note: As we did states flash cards today and came to the Texas card, I told Helen you lived in Texas. Upon hearing this she ordered me to take her there some day to see you and the girls. Too cute!

  17. This is sure one way to find out how many people actually read your blog. If I don't win can you tell me how much it will set me back to order one.


  18. I like your hats lady and I like your face too. I know that I am not a woman and this lovely hat wouldn't function very well on my larger then woman sized head... But despite all odds I do have a woman in my life who would love the thing. So it is before tuesday and this is my giveaway entry. love you bunches

  19. This is a little more of a following than your "3 readers" you so often tease us about! Look at this!! There's like...20 of 'em!! :) Kudos to you! I am making a comment only because...not to win the hat...because I know I can get one from you whenever...so if my name IS drawn...please...please...re-draw! :)

    Happy Hat Winning to All!!

    Love you. You're amazing.


  20. "If you live too be 100, I want to live to be
    a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live
    without you." Winnie the Pooh
    Since you can not give an imaginary bear a hat,
    maybe you could give it to me.

  21. MUST MUST have one! actually TWO! one for me and one for my kiddo (her bday is in December, she would LOVE LOVE LOVE IT). You are so very talented my friend :)

  22. No, me, me, me! Last year, my ladies loved their lids made just especially for them, by you. What a special gift it was for each of them. Now I believe it is my turn to own a one-of-a-kind Athena creation, don'tcha think?
    Love what you're putting out there these days lady! I'm fairly sure you never sleep.
    XOXO ~ Anzie

  23. you are awesome. and talented.

  24. That is a smart, well-crafted looking hat! I know of a cabeza to put in there...


  25. love it. want it. your talents continue to amaze me!

    off the topic, scott and i were just talking about the family pelton yesterday. will you be heading up north for thanksgiving?

    miss you tons and tons

    ang davis

  26. Athena-

    Rebecca Weber told me you knit hats and then she sent me a link to the amazing hat you just gave away. I am very interested in getting one, if you would like to email me to discuss I would appreciate it very much.

    Megan Swartz