A few months ago,
DRL met Melissa
and her little boy, Masen
at the park just down the street from our house.

They hit it off.
Eventually, Melissa and I met
along with her husband Jon.

We became fast friends
and spend a lot of our free time together.

Jon and Melissa are transplants to Texas, too.
Just like us.

And it just so happens
that their little boy
is one week
younger than Elena.

They asked if I would shoot family photos for them.
And how could I say no?

Here are some of my favorites.
Jon and Melissa....
enjoy your preview.



  1. You have such great vision and creativity! love the photos! Especially the ones where Masen in sitting in the field in front and the family is in back...and then the ones where each family member is staning in front of the pilars. Very cool and different.

  2. Scrolling through the photos I came across my favorite (boy in focus in foreground). Then I kept scrolling and thought No! Wait! THAT one is my favorite (parents in tree, child in middle). Scrolling....Crap. No, THAT one is my favorite. (Last photo- silly, but i like it.)
    You are full of shit if you hang up your camera. Like Nadia and Lindsay B. have both said- you have a strong eye. Anyone can click a shutter- it is your creativity that makes the photos.
    PS- photographing people is HARD.

  3. I'd love for you to take pics of the boys and their ladies, and me and my guy, when you are home at Christmas, if we can work it out. Just let me know what your schedule looks like.
    Great pictures girl!