A Happy Union

Last winter I made over 50 hats.
Five Zero.
I was a knitting machine.

Of course, last winter
(the hat making portion of it)
I had only one child
no photography 'business'
and 3 less quilts to finish.

This year, I've only made a few hats.
As gifts.
I haven't had any paid orders.
Until now.

A friend of a friend commented on my giveaway post
asking how she could get her hands on
one of my hats.

We chatted back and forth a bit
so I could get a feel for what it was that she was looking for.
She loved the "itchless" warm hat that I peddled
so shamelessly
as the giveaway prize.

And she mentioned she would
"a nice, pretty grey."

I was almost going to do another brimmed hat for Megan.
But I was desperate for my signature.
My side-flower beanie.

So I married the two best parts
of both hats.
The great yarn and cable pattern of the brim chapeau
and my signature flower.

I am so happy with the way that it turned out!
I do hope you love it, too!

And the yarn?
Oh. Em. Gee
It is SOOOO soft.
Itch factor: Negative zero.
(Elena is still a great hat model!)


1 comment:

  1. I need one. :)

    A bit teenier and maybe with out a flower, for a little bean boy.

    It will be the only thing he wears for his nekkid newborn pictures.

    Mayhaps a bigger one with some silver glitter too......