Giving Thanks

I gave you a list of things
that make me a little nuts.

I'm going to do just the opposite.
Seeing as it's Thanksgiving and all.

Obviously I'm thankful
for my husband
my girls
my family
and you.

But I'm also thankful for a whole host
of trivial items.
That make my life
just a little bit better.

Here they are
in no particular order.

*Stila lip gloss.  Thank you, Luc, for the gift set of them. I am officially addicted.

*Pinot Noir.  This is not a secret. I mention it often. I. Heart. Pinot.

*Movie quotes.  Without them, I would be nothing.

*My camera.

*The internets, and the people I've met because of it.  (And a happy 20th birthday to you, too.)

*Florence + The Machine.

*I am veryveryveryveryveryveryvery thankful that the Brown Recluse spider we found in the house yesterday did not bite me.  And I am equally thankful that from here on out ALL of its brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, first, second, third, or fourth cousins and any/all other relations of any kind will remain on the OUTSIDE of my house.

*Essie nail polish.  Perfection in a bottle.  I particularly love the Fall Collection, namely "Merino Cool."  I can't imagine why.

*Speaking of Merino, I am thankful for Malabrigo and any other squishy, soft, delicious worsted Merino wool.  You are my reason for living knitting.

*Fabric. In gorgeous patterns and soft cottons.

*H √•agen Dazs White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream.  Although, while I am thankful for you and your deliciousness, I also loathe you.  For being so delicious. And un-calorie free.

*Caribou Coffee.  For finally opening a store in Austin. (This has not happened yet. But it needs to.  Stat.)

*Johnny Cash and his Folsom Prison Blues.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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