STR8 against H8.

I've heard
that blogging about politics 
is blog-suicide.
A sure way to alienate readers.

I've been pretty good,
I think,
at staying neutral in my prose.

There is one issue, 
upon which I'm not afraid to draw a line in the blog sand
and choose a side.
I believe in marriage.
I am advocate for equal rights.

I don't like hate.
Especially when it's based on fear.

I came across this website
via facebook
a couple weeks ago.

I bought a t-shirt.
Partially because it is a little
to wear a t-shirt that says, "FCKH8."

I certainly can't put it on my license plates.
But also, because I think it's a good cause.
The support of gay marriage.

I think it's okay to be afraid of things you may not understand,
or things that you may not morally approve of
because of personal or religious reasons.
I think it is also okay to disapprove of those things.

I do not, however, think that it's okay
to deny rights to only select people
because of that fear.


Doing so,
denying gays and lesbians the right to marry,
is a heinous form of
and judgement

disguised as:
"the upholding of moral and ethical conservative values."

Citizens of the United States.
Having equal access to all rights.

I thought that was a Conservative Value....

I'm standing up to FckH8.
I hope you will, too.


*Editor's note: I love that you visit my blog. I love that you read it and share it with your friends.  And I especially love that you have your own point of view and may agree wholeheartedly with this post, or vehemently oppose it. This is an expression of my opinion only.  To say that it is not meant to perhaps influence yours would be untrue.  But it is not, in any way, meant to offend, anger, or harm any who choose to read.  Come again.  You're always welcome here.  xo.  


  1. Here here!


    Im on that bandwagon for sure!


  2. It's not God's design. Period.
    I'll stick with His plan.
    He's one guy you really don't want to
    piss off.

  3. You said it sister!! The church doesn't have to recognize gay marrage, but; the church and the state should remain seperate. I was married by a JP and anyone else should be able to have the same privilages as I do, doesn't mater who you want to marry.


  4. Auntie K,

    Who is to say that YOUR god and YOUR beliefs are superior to that of anothers beliefs or religion? Sepreation of church and state.

    They don't want to come into thier bedroom so don't impede on theirs.

    Basic human rights, the right to be with the PERSON YOU LOVE. Regardless of creed race or sex. I would rather enjoy my life on earth with the one I love, than worry about pissing off "God" and the pre-tense you will have a better afterlife. I want to enjoy the life I currently have.

    Thanks very much and no dis-respect intended.

  5. Very well said my darling daughter. I'm in agreement.

  6. i love the commercial for this campaign. Especially when the kids talk about their parents. It really expresses the fact that we are all humans, people, individuals, different from one another- and yet our goal is exactly the same. We want to live our lives, love who we love, have families and friends and most of all, live peacefully.
    And, I love a good swear now and then. ;)

    ps- expressing opinions has never chased me away from a blog.