Four AM

Alarms across the country are going off
at 4:00 am today.
Some even earlier.

Some folks haven't yet
gone to bed.

All in the name of consumerism Christmas.

In honor of Black Friday
and the fact that my last two posts have been list related
I thought I would offer up my top places to shop.


Because this is what I'll be doing at 4:00 am.

*Etsy. Seriously fabulous stuff.  Handmade. Or local. Or both.  You can choose.  And it's great. AND...check out my friend Lucinda's shop here.  Enter code BLACK10 and save 10% on your purchase!

*Hawthorne Threads. If you love fabric, you'll love this website. Orders are filled uber quick, and the more fabric you buy, the cheaper it is per yard.  It's a progressive discount, and I dig it.

*Gap.  Love love love the Gap.  But I still refuse to pay full price here.  Which is fine, since they are having amazing sales this season.

*Amazon. I know it's cliché but it really is a great website.  No sales tax.  FAST shipping.  And low prices.  Keeps me out of the Wal-Marts and money in my pocket.  Done and done.

*The Vintage Pearl.  Amazing handmade jewelry.  For hand-stamped silver, skip Etsy and go here, instead.  I've given it as a gift and it's gorgeous. I sure would like to own a necklace of my very own someday.....

*Kelly Moore Bag Store.  Okay, okay. I've only shopped here once, but I am in love with my camera bag, so it was worth a mention. Oh! And she's going to be doing a "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway this year. I'm excited.

*Purl Soho.  I love fabric.  I love yarn.  This store takes care of me, in both regards.  High end...but if and when that's what you're looking for, Purl has you covered. And the blog is always full of great craft ideas and free patterns.

Where are your favorite places to shop?
Better yet, what is your favorite gift to give?


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